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Elder Abuse/Nursing Home Neglect

Where to Get Help – New York State Resources

From the NY State Department of Health website:

Complaints About Nursing Home Care

The New York State Department of Health, Division of Residential Services (DRS) is responsible for investigating complaints and incidents for nursing homes in New York State, which are related to State and/or Federal regulatory violation. A complaint against a nursing home should be submitted in writing by the complainant.

The Nursing Home Complaint Form is available here to submit your complaint against a nursing home.

Please visit for a fillable Microsoft Word DOC or a Portable Document Format (PDF) form. These forms can be printed out and submitted by e-mail to; fax (518-408-1157); or mailed to:

Mailstop: CA/LTC
Empire State Plaza
Albany, NY 12237

If you are unable to submit your complaint by using the Nursing Home Complaint Form, then you may contact the Nursing Home Complaint hotline (1-888-201-4563), which can be called 24 hours per day, seven days per week. The hotline is manned by Division of Residential Services (DRS) staff from 8:30 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. Monday through Friday. A voicemail message may be left during non-business hours.

Please note that nursing home staff should report facility reported incidents by submitting an online Incident Reporting Form through the Health Commerce System.

From the NY State Office of Children and Family Services website:

Adult Protective Services (APS)

State laws give state and local Adult Protective Service (APS) agencies the responsibility to protect and provide services to “vulnerable, incapacitated, or disabled adults.” You can call APS to report your own situation and ask for help. Most Adult Protective Service agencies are located in the phone book in the state government section. In New York State, call 1-800-342-3009 to find the Adult Protective Service office in your area.

Where to Get Help – National Resources

National Committee for the Prevention of Elder Abuse

A comprehensive Web site for information about elder abuse, including how to report abuse, what services are available to stop abuse, and how to find those services in your community. Phone: 1-202-682-4140. Web site:

United States Administration on Aging (AOA)

This Health & Human Services Department supports a range of activities to raise awareness about elder abuse. Phone: 1-202-619-0724. Web site:

The Eldercare Locator

This resource connects older Americans and their caregivers with sources of information on state and local assistance services for older adults, including those concerned about suspected elder abuse. Phone: 1-800-677-1116. Web site:

National Center on Elder Abuse

This site answers all questions about elder abuse – who to call if abuse is suspected, what to expect when you report abuse, prevention methods, and what can be done to stop elder abuse. Its website includes a state-by-state listing of statewide toll-free telephone numbers to call to report elder abuse. Phone: 1-202-898-2586. Web site:

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