To the Graduates of 2020

These are challenging times. But remember that the world has always thrown challenges at humanity, and we respond and overcome when we pull together.

You face tests in public health, social justice, economics, political division, and environmental crisis. But every problem brings along corresponding opportunity and promise of solution.

There are mountains that you must climb. But like other generations of Americans, you will find a way to reach the top. And the satisfaction you will feel from having contributed to the solutions, and the joy you will feel from having climbed the mountain, will make the journey and the view from the top some of the most memorable and rewarding times of your life.

We think your generation is up to the task of making the world a better place. The future comes quickly. The time for you to rise up… is now. Good luck on your journey!

-Marty Rutberg & Larry Breslow

Prize Information:

To assist in providing a foundation for our future, Rutberg Breslow has decided to award one deserving graduate from the Hudson Valley area the 2020 Rutberg Breslow Graduate Recognition Prize of $1,000! One submission will be selected at random, and we will announce the winner Monday, August 3rd on our Facebook Page. Follow us to see who wins!

Submission Guidelines:

At Rutberg Breslow, we help injured people and their families. That’s what WE do. As you graduates look to the future, tell us what is it YOU will do! (Min 500 words | Max 1,000 words) Submission Deadline: July 31, 2020

Eligible Candidates: 2020 High School or College Graduates

Rutberg Breslow Graduate Recognition - 2020 Prize Submission Form